February 22, 2020
As long as winter is not the most cheerful month of the year, our brains need some fun and joy these days. Thus, we are going to tell you about the holidays you can enjoy in February and have some fun.

Here we go!
February 19, 2020
On National Essay Day, academic activists want to preserve the value of essays. This writing is not only an academic homework but also a weapon and a solution. It manages to entertain, lets people relax, provokes discussions, feeds human brains, and reflects personalities.

There are several places that perfectly fit the purpose. We've gathered Top 10 locations, where you can plunge into essay writing without any distractions.

February 17, 2020
Quiz: What Type of Esay Suits Your Character Best?

Together with The Daily Californian, we've created a quiz that helps you define which essay type suits your character best. It'll take you just a minute, but it will spare you a lot of trouble once you get down to essay writing on National Essay Day.

So what is your choice: narrative, expository, descriptive, or persuasive essay?

PS. Don't forget to sign the petition for National Essay Day here. Every vote matters.

February 11, 2020
If you spend much time writing essays either as your hobby or as a regular assignment during the classes, you should consider yourself a kind of artist. It is a common mistake that such writings are only for assessment in college or school, but they are a true way of expressing feelings, thoughts or enlarging literary skills. Accordingly, it can be fair if an essay has its national day or appreciation from other people.

As of now, there is an initiative to make February 28 a National Essay Day. Those who already made forehanded conclusions about the introduction of an auxiliary day off should calm down. The purpose of it has a much deeper meaning. Check the reasons why you should sign a petition just right now.
February 04, 2020
100 Signatures on Change.org
We've just received 100 signatures of our petition on Change.org and we want to express gratitude to all those who support the idea and help us revive the real love towards writing.

Hope to reach new goals on the petition very soon!
February 01, 2020
Whenever you are a school kid, student, or even employed member of the society, there may emerge challenges connected with writing essays. Most of the time, such tasks seem a burden, and no one ever highlights the joy of composing and formatting texts. For this reason, there is a worldwide petition to make February of 28 a National Essay Day.

In this article, we suggest a few ideas on how to get that creativity muscle working on National Essay Day and have the day celebrated to the fullest.