10 Places to Celebrate National Essay Day
This year people can celebrate one more holiday devoted to an important issue. There are so many festivals and events related to writing, students, college years, writers, and other educational things. What about essays? Yearly each freshman writes approximately ninety-two essay-pages and each senior student presents more that one hundred forty-six essay-pages during the academic year.

Tutors and professors demand different types of essays. It can be persuasive, narrative, descriptive, and expository. Due to them, a college is able to see whether a student is capable to investigate, analyze, and provide new ideas and vision of the situation or solution for the problem. They also give a chance to get excellent points. Isn't it a reason for celebration?

That is why a National Essay day is going to be celebrated on the 28th of February.
Academic activists want to preserve the value of essays. This writing is not only an academic homework but also a weapon and a solution. It manages to entertain, lets people relax, provokes discussions, feeds human brains, and reflects personalities.

There are several places that perfectly fit the purpose.

1. Park

Nature is a source of inspiration. It possesses unique colors, sceneries, plants, and, of course, benches and alleys where students can sit and relax. People can organize some writing competitions or tell jokes about mistakes or funny college stories.

2. Library

A library is the best place where one can celebrate Essay Day. Bestsellers and world classical literature can inspire participants on new stories and intellectual rivalry.

3. Room in a Dorm

The better you feel the better the holiday will be. A room in a dorm could become a perfect place for such an event.

4. Cafe

The smell of coffee and tasty pastry do not only cheer up but also create an excellent
atmosphere of calmness and comfort.

5. Concert Hall

One can organize a true celebration with music, performances, songs, and competitions. It's an especially cool idea for a group of students who like loud parties and big companies.

6. School

Students start writing essays at school. Teachers together with their principal can involve even parents to spend this day at school.

7. College room

If a person studies at a college or university, he or she can suggest a celebration in some lecture hall. Professors and tutors will surely appreciate such a great idea.

8. Someone's Apartment

A private house or apartment is a place where no-one will disturb participants. My territory - my rules.

9. Bookstore

One can go to a bookstore and look for bestsellers or new essays by modern writers. That will be cool to evaluate their works and read great samples of essay masterpieces aloud.

10. The Internet

The Internet is a global network. It can unite people all over the globe. A person doesn't need a special place. There should be only a PC or a smartphone with access to the Internet. Actually, the place is virtual.

It is better to stop thinking about essays as about something dreadful and horrible. Students might sharpen their writing skills using manuals about 4 essay types. Thousands have a chance to express themselves and "voice" their indignation or admiration. On this day, there will be no "standard topics". People, from school children to pensioners, are free to choose the theme. A National Essay Day is a good chance to break stereotypes and improve writing.

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