5 Reasons to Sign a Petition to Establish National Essay Day

If you spend much time writing essays either as your hobby or as a regular assignment during the classes, you should consider yourself a kind of artist. It is a common mistake that such writings are only for assessment in college or school, but they are a true way of expressing feelings, thoughts or enlarging literary skills. Accordingly, it can be fair if an essay has its national day or appreciation from other people. As of now, there is an initiative to make February 28 a National Essay Day. Those who already made forehanded conclusions about the introduction of an auxiliary day off should calm down. The purpose of it has a much deeper meaning. Check the reasons why you should sign a petition just right now.
Do Not Hesitate But Sign

Since high schools, students start acknowledging that the writing may really bring many benefits. For instance, such a small piece of writing can improve the grade or GPA results. Then, it helps to fix the studying achievements if a professor hesitates about how to evaluate your knowledge. Those who write essays as a hobby have another point of view on benefits but even they may get puzzled with their texts because of a few challenges and obstacles obtained from other people. Let's stop any misjudgment concerning this aggressively beautiful thing-to-do together. Sign the initiative to let students from around the world:

  1. Get help. Students regularly face difficulties in writing essays. They are stuck with requirements, structure, and language styles or vocabulary. Once this holiday appears, they will have a chance to communicate with a great variety of their "colleagues", and share working tips on how to succeed in mastering this type of paper;

  2. Highlight the importance of essays. If you think a dissertation is a hard-nut-to-crack, leave such thoughts. This paper is strictly structured and has a syllabus explaining every step. The essay is a piece of work revealing your inner feelings, thoughts and unbiased opinion about the matters. One simple mistake can frighten away a reader. Thus, others will finally appreciate the efforts students put on essays.;

  3. Challenge people. Throwing parties is pretty normal. But, throwing a world-wide online meeting encompassing students keen on writing from every country to show their essays is beyond compare. If you are free on 28 of February, join this challenge to see how students declare themselves;

  4. Change academic calendar. Let's add some bright colors to 365 days in the year otherwise, they will be again boring. Not only teachers should feel themselves on top but their students who managed to transform writing of essays into a modern interaction method or a hobby for their pleasure;

  5. Make a writing faculty. As of now, there are none or a few faculties where you can get a writing degree. For instance, in Arizona, Pittsburgh and Columbia universities. Of course, it does not deal with essays only but people should understand that the composition of texts, their formatting and citation are very challenging tasks. It is necessary to at least launch it as an extra course.

At last, you should sign a petition if your kid, friends, relatives are interested in writing essays. It will give them more motivation or inspiration to develop literacy. And, who knows maybe one day you will see next to you a well-known author of bestsellers. More than that, it can affect the academic rules that have been long-time ago established and that make students hate writing. It concerns citation, composition rules, and finally style of language. Help people achieve independence in their essays now.

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